The issues that I have worked on and want to keep working on.

What have I done?

Recess-I campaigned on delivering thirty minutes of recess and delivered. We now have thirty minutes of recess in all elementary schools in partnership with parent leaders to make this happen.

Toxic Tire Mulch-Toxic tire mulch removed from all elementary playgrounds.

Funding-During $33M deficit, I prioritized schools by voting for additional funding to prevent class size increases in District 6 middle and high schools.

Economic Justice-I have consistently pushed for our district to have a $15 minimum wage for every collective bargaining unit. We have done it.

Washburn Expansion-Washburn has been growing in enrollment and we needed additional learning spaces and we secured that funding.

What will I do?

Comprehensive District Design-I will vote no on any CDD plan that adversely impacts District 6 students and families.

Enrollment-Advocate for policies that will attract families and maintain enrollment in MPS.

Programming-Expands programs that work such as Montessori, Spanish Dual Immersion, and AVID.

Retention-Retain and expand teachers of color in our schools.

Funding-Advocate for more state funding that allow MPS to attract and maintain enrollment a reasonable class sizes


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